GaZZas knows that everyday men want underwear and socks and singlets that make them feel good but do not break the bank.  

We know purchasing underwear and socks of good quality can be expensive.  A pair of branded underwear cost a man anywhere from $35 – $90. We think there’s a better way to have men have comfort and quality at reasonable prices.  

GaZZas announces the pleasure of giving you our range of underwear, socks and singlets that can be everyday use, gym or for work.

Our underwear is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.  This gives you the room to move and your body room to breathe.  GaZZas are designed to be comfortable all day. No riding up, no scrunching and not tightness around your legs; ALL DAY.

GaZZas is the brand for you.  After all they are said to be found on the best bedroom floors around the city.  

We want you to be comfortable and still have a quality brand and great comfort.  That’s why we have designed our product with you in mind.

We hope you enjoy wearing our brand.  We look forwarded to increasing our range to bring you wearing pleasure.

GaZZas Socks

Designed with everyday use in mind the socks come in a range of colours that will be suitable for every occasion.  Made from cotton and bamboo these are smooth on the feet and remain comfortable all day. No matter what you are doing.

GaZZas Singlets

Pure cotton for your comfort.  The singlets can be used at the gym, the beach or on any sunny occasion.  Even great for a drink or a BBQ. There are a range of colours available. 


Through subscription you can receive undies, socks, and singlets at regular intervals.  You can receive just one product, two or all three on a monthly or quarterly interval. You can choose what you want to receive or have it as a surprise package.  Subscription gives you a good discount on our products.

Everyday Essentials for
Everyday Blokes

Explore our range of super comfortable and stylish socks, underwear and belts.

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